Thursday, February 12, 2009

Working On The Dinner Menu

Okay, so the way I see it so far, with so many things to plan (2 Birthday Parties, a Baby Shower, a Wedding and a dinner) you may possibly get lost or confused. I have entertained the thought of focusing on one event at a time, however, that seems to have just made it to the thought process, I have yet to actually act it out. Although I kind of lose my mind because I feel like I am drowning in "To-Do Lists" sometimes, I actually prefer working on everything all at once.

Well, today is grocery day, time to go shopping! Before I walk out that door though, I need to make my lists of things that I need to buy for the italian dinner that I will be cooking for the dinner club, a small list of things to buy for Danas birthday party like the pinata fillers, etc and then some food for Miles since he's eating solids. I have to be out of here at 3pm because my dad is going on a Christian Retreat since he's about to become a Deacon for the Church, so I have about an hour to create this list. I have Danas list saved on the computer, but to be honest I have not even really thought about what to serve at the dinner so I need to figure that out. Hopefully it won't take too long because Miles still needs to take his nap for today.

I need to find...
* Appetizer (Antipasti)
* First Course (Primo) - Pasta, soup or risotto
* Second or Main Course (Secondo) - Meat, poultry or fish
* Side Dishes (Contorni) - vegetable (verdura), potato or insalata (salad)
* Dessert (Dolce)

I am not too picky about it being strictly traditional Italian.

Monday, February 9, 2009

One Long Week

I know I haven't been posting much, not nearly as much as I would like to, but I have been pretty busy. This past week was pretty hectic!

Monday Vance informed me that his friend Rudy, his dad had a heart attack Sunday, stopped breathing and is now in the hospital.

Tuesday Vance and I "decided" that we wanted to get married and we're a little over a week away from an official engagement.

Wednesday, I got a call from Vance informing me that a friend of his that he works with (who happens to be an AWESOME guy) passed away. He was having marriage problems, couldn't handle them anymore and jumped off of a cell phone tower.

Thursday was my dads 59th birthday. I was also supposed to go out for lunch with Vance since he only worked a half day (because of the incident that happened with his coworker). While I was waiting for him I took Miles to Founders Park and Windmill Run Park (a park in my old neighborhood). I put him in a baby swing (other than the ones that you put inside your home) for the first time and he loved it! After we ate lunch and picked up Dana after she got out of school, we went to the hospital to visit Rudys father and also Danas grandfather (Andreas dad) because he had just gone through bypass surgery. On Thursday, the doctors were running scans on Rudys father to see if there was any brain activity or if he was completely brain dedaad. He opened his eyes during the last cat scan, which seemed promising.

Friday I got my blackberry! We also found out that Julia's having a girl! Emma Christine Smith... due June 25th, 2009. 8 days after Miles' 1st birthday. Then again, who knows when she'll really be born... Miles was due on the 20th but was born on the 17th.

Saturday was the funeral.
Sunday Rudys dad passed away and it was also my dads birthday party.