Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dinner For Eight

Recently my church has started a "dinner club". A dinner club, in this case at least, consists of a certain amount of people (whoever signs up) who all agree to host a dinner at their house. The way my church did it was 12 couples and 2 singles (I being one of them) signed up and we were all divided into groups. Two groups have 8 people (4 couples) and then the third group has 10 people... that happens to be the group that my parents are in. Each month one of the couples has a dinner at their house, this lasts for four months so each couple gets a chance to host. Well, except for the one my parents are in... one of the couples won't have the time.
It doesn't have to be just couples. As I noted earlier, there are two singles and I am one of them. In that case, the single is treated as a "couple"... I will be hosting a dinner by myself which is perfectly fine with me.
On the 5th month (when the 4 months are over, apparently) we will all meet up and do it all over again. By this time some couples will join, some might drop out, but we will all be regrouped.

Oh, and for the singles... we can bring a "date". Vance isn't in the least bit interested in this, so I offered the spot to my SIL because she was interested in it, my brother just didn't want to do it. That and she likes the group I'm in.

Over the months, there might be another couple that isn't already grouped interested in joining, in which case one of the groups will invite them to have dinner with them.
We received our group list last night and my mind is going CRAZY!!!
To be honest, between helping my mom plan a suprise birthday party for my dad, planning Danas birthday party, Julias baby shower, my dinner and Miles' birthday party (events will most likely happen in that order) I do feel a little bombarded. I haven't touched my planner since I worked at the Polo Club coordinating weddings and other events... I resurfaced it today! Although I do feel bombarded, I love it. I LOVE event planning, so it's a great thing for me to be able to do this!

The look I am going for is Moroccan, thanks to The Hostess With The Mostess (she's quite fabulous!)

However, even though the decor will be Moroccan, the food will be what I am best at... tiramisu!

I have been playing with decorating the table, but there will actually be two tables decorated since we don't have one huge, only 2 small round ones.
That's fun though because that means I get to decorate them two different ways. I will keep the color scheme, dishes, napkins, glassware, silverware and POSSIBLY even the table cloth colors the same but the "centerpieces" will be different. Especially since the idea is Moroccan, it works!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Beautiful Butterfly

This weekend Dana and I sat down and talked about what she wanted for her birthday party as far as location, theme, etc. Well, she said that she's over the princess stuff and would really like a butterfly party. Of course, I am going to give her exactly what she wants... but hopefully far beyond her expectations.
I have been doing research the last few days and am still in the process, but have a few ideas that I am pretty sure are going to stick.

The colors that she wants to go with are pink and purple.
She wants to have it at a park that has a swimming pool so that they can go swimming AND play on the playground.
Now, last year I tried to have her birthday at a park in San Marcos that has a pretty cool swimming pool and water playground. I never did my research like I should have (except for what days the pool is open, but not what months)... needless to say, we showed up with our swim suits on but were highly dissapointed when it was closed. The pinata and her having a few friends did help get the kids minds off of it though.
So, now I need to do my research and make sure not to disappoint this time.

I do need to come up with some good ideas for the boys that will be there as I am sure they won't want to wear butterfly wings, tutus or carry around a wand.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

In Love With Cupcakes!!!

Okay, so one of my ideas for Miles' birthday party is to have a cupcake tree.
We will have 2 cakes... one which will be just his and placed on top of the cupcake tree and the other will be my moms famous Banana Spice cake that she made for my baby shower (mmmm!), but I love cupcakes so I have to incorporate them into his birthday. I'm also thinking about letting each kid decorate their own... that should be fun. Of course, for those who don't want to decorate their own or just want more, there will be pre-decorated ones.
I googled some pictures and found some ideas that I really liked.

The creator of these cupcakes is actually a member of Blogspot

Aren't they fabulous?!

His birthday is going to have a jungle/safari theme just like his baby shower.

I already have the decorations for the Banana Spice Cake, we're going to use the same ones that we used for the shower which are the Madagascar animals.

Here's another one that I love!

And a few ideas for Dana

Between being a full-time mom, planning a baby shower for my sister-in-law, Danas 6th birthday party, Miles' birthday party, making my plans for redecorating Miles' bedroom and trying to find some way to have create at least a small income, needless to say my mind stays pretty busy.

Granted, all except for finding a way to create an income, I love doing all of that stuff. Especially being a mommy to this amazing little man. I have created this blog to journal all of my thoughts and ideas about everything (of course, isn't that what blogs are for?)

Right now, I need to go through a few magazines and get a few things together so that I can put them back up on the shelf to get dusty until the next time I need them.