Thursday, April 30, 2009

I was given a rocking chair a few months ago. The reason it was free was because it is broken. Nothing drastic. I don't remember exactly what's wrong with it since it has been sitting in my dads shop waiting to get worked on, but once it has been fixed I plan to paint it and then put it in Miles' nursery.
I did try to figure out if he liked it or not before we even went through the trouble. Well, he loves it so now we need to fix it!
Anyway, here are some pictures of him sitting on it in Papas" shop.

South APRC Baby Shower Pictures

Lately, I have been REALLY good at neglecting blogging. Well, I guess honestly, I was never "good" at keeping up with it, I'm still working on trying.

The baby shower for the pregnancy center was this past Sunday. We signed the lease for the building last Thursday or Friday, take possession in June and open in August.
The donations were awesome, which is such a great start for the center! There were tons of ladies who helped behind the scenes and helped serve the food, which was amazing. I don't think this shower would have been able to be pulled off without everyone who helped.
Here are some pictures from the shower (I was in charge of decorations...)